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use charcoal, but many bring coke from Silesia, as good coking coal is not found in any part of Hungary.
There is a considerable steel plant of the Rimamurian Salgo Tarjan Ironworks Company at Salgo-Tarjan, this company owning mines in Gomor county and having blast furnaces and rolling mills. About 75,000 tons of steel are made per year from three 7-ton basic converters. There are also smaller works at Ozd, while the Austrian-Hungarian State Eailway operates two basic converters and several open-hearth furnaces, making together about 50,000 tons per year. Another small Bessemer plant is at Sohl.  In the South is the old-established plant at Eeschitza, where there are three basic converters and three 20-ton open-hearth furnaces with a capacity of 40,000 tons per year. The iron for this is made in the immediate neighborhood.
These two districts in the North and in the South make three-quarters of all the pig-iron smelted in Hungary and a larger proportion of the steel. The only other district worth mentioning is in the southeast in Transylvania, where a larger amount of pig-iron is made than in Reschitza. The great drawback throughout Hungary is the absence of coking coal, and only 10,000 tons are produced per year, this being made in the vicinity of Buda Pest. The Hungarian works, therefore, are on a moderate scale, and being protected by the Government in every way content themselves with supplying the wants of the State railways and of the general
TABLE XXVII-G. Production of Coal, Ore and Pig-iron in Hungary in 1899.
	4  2? M * s> &jd vS N t4 ID 3 ^	Zalatna (Transylvania) .	Orvicza (Southern Part).	-4J  M	Otliers.	3 3
Designation in MR. X3CVII-A.	4 32	5 9	6 7		6	54
	5	2	2		4	13
Pig Iron .................	259 698	107 575	76,060		8,314	451,647
Iron Ore .....................	1 3371451 '	270,882	135.793	186,236	22,823	1,567,860
Bituminous Coal . .		7648	470,018	761,189		1,238,855
				10,036		10,036
Lignite ........................		785,010	53,819	1,883,114	1,570,641	4,292,584